The architecture and fittings

Kangaroo Ground Presbyterian Church is not like the great cathedrals of Europe or the historic wool churches of England. It is only a small Australian country church but it is well loved by its congregation. We have provided some photographs on the previous pages. Here are some of the architectural details and features:

Typical windowTypical window (see note 15) Windows above porchWindows above porch Celtic crossCeltic cross on front of Church
 CeilingCeiling  Wall ventilatorWall ventilator  Front door and porch pavingFront door and porch paving
PulpitPulpit (see footnote 16)


15. The technical term for the multi-coloured arch over the window is a "polychromic voussoir". The motif is repeated in the arch of the porch and in the bricks around the round ventilators in the front and rear walls.

16. One of the quirky aspects of the Church is that the centre of the pulpit is not on the centreline of the Church. Presumably it was made too wide and had to moved to the right so that the door to the vestry was not obstructed.